Horizon Reports maintains usage statistics for reports, including who ran a report when and with what database. You can create reports with this information to determine which reports are actually being used, how often, and by whom.

You must be in the Administrators group to report on usage.

The table with usage statistics is available in the report wizards in Step 2. As a result, you can use this information in any of the available report types.

Usage has the following fields:

Report ID: the unique ID for the report.

Report Name: the name of the report.

Report Type: the type of report: Quick, Cross-tab, Label, Chart, Gauge, or Dashboard.

Folder: the folder the report is in.

Data Source: the data source the user ran the report against.

Run By User: the name of the user who ran the report.

Run At: the date and time the report was run.

Runtime: The number of seconds it took to run the report.

Tenant: The tenant the report belongs to. Only visible if tenant support is turned on.

If you’re interested in keeping track of high usage of server resources, you can create and schedule a usage report to do so. Set a filter on the report to only retrieve records with the Runtime above the desired threshold.