Dashboard Item Menu

The dashboard item menu allows you to configure a dashboard item. This menu provides interface to supply a dashboard item with data, specify interactivity settings, etc. To invoke this menu, click the required dashboard item.


The dashboard item menu consists of the following buttons.

Icon Button Name Description
wdd-dashboard-item-menu-move Move Allows you to customize a dashboard item layout using drag-and-drop operations. To learn more, see Dashboard Items Layout.
wdd-dashboard-item-menu-bindings Bindings Invokes the Binding menu that allows you to create and modify data binding of the selected dashboard item.
wdd-dashboard-item-menu-interactivity Interactivity Invokes the Interactivity menu contains settings affected on interaction between various dashboard items.
wdd-dashboard-item-menu-options Options Invokes the Options menu contains specific options and settings related to the current dashboard item. Settings can be combined into sections like Common, Legend, Colors, etc.
wdd-dashboard-item-menu-convert-to Convert To Invokes the Convert To dialog that allows you to convert or duplicate the current item.
wdd-dashboard-item-menu-delete Delete Deletes the current dashboard item from the dashboard surface.