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Version 1.0

  • The first time a user logs in, they are now prompted to take a tour of the reports explorer.

  • Added new template objects, “GroupFooterSummaryTypeTemplate” and “SummaryFieldTypeTemplate”. These allow you to display the summary type being performed in a group footer or report footer respectively. See the new “Standard with Summary Type” template for an example of how to use it.

  • Administrators can now restrict acccess to email settings.

  • You can now change the location of point labels for Pie, Bar, and Line charts.

  • You can now add a shadow to chart types that support it.

  • Chart reports now support using a date field as the Category.

  • The advanced report designer can now be used to edit the layout of Charts.

  • You can now set templates for a chart report. The default template for charts is the new basic template called Standard Chart.

  • Cross-tab reports now support templates without a header band.

  • Cross-tab reports now support multiple embedded subreports.

  • Formulas created when inside a report wizard will automatically be added to the report.

  • You can now search formulas using the real name of the formula field (e.x. CALC20220193203922).

  • When working with date values in a filter condition, the entire date is now selected when you move to a date input. This allows you to immediately start typing a new value and it will automatically clear the old value.

  • You now get a warning if you enter an invalid date range for an “is between” filter condition.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with email not using SSL, even if the option was turned on.

  • Fixed an issue with the connection string plugin not appearing under some circumstances.

  • Fixed an issue with empty tags being created when importing a report.

  • Fixed a bug with embedded subreports not working correctly in a cross-tab.

  • Fixed an issue with horizontal pagination not working property in a cross-tab.

  • Scheduled tasks should no longer temporarily lock a license.

  • Fixed a bug that caused date formats to be applied to a summary column.

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when uploading a logo image if tenants are supported.

  • Fixed a display issue in Security that caused user names to appear on the same line in the user list.

  • Fixed an issue with Exclusion filters not appearing in report wizards.

  • Fixed an issue with field width when using metric units.