The Expression Editor appears when you click the “…” button for the Condition property of a formatting rule or for the Expression property of a calculated field. This dialog helps with entering a valid expression.

There are several sections in this dialog:

  • The large edit box at the top is where you enter the expression.

  • The list of symbols across the dialog acts as a toolbar; click a button to insert that symbol into the current cursor position in the expression. The three buttons at the right are for And, Or, and Not.

  • Functions displays a list of the built-in functions. Note that these functions are different than the ones listed in the Expressions and Function Reference topic; the functions in that topic are used in Horizon Reports formulas while these ones are used in advanced layout report expressions.

  • Operators shows the various operators you can use, such as + and -.

  • Fields displays the fields in the result set for the report.

After entering the desired expression, click OK to save it.