Version 1.1

  • Dashboards have been updated with a new modern web dashboard control. Dashboards now allow you to display a number of inter-connected data analysis elements such as grids, charts, maps, gauges, and others; all within an automatically-arranged layout.

  • A new report monitor dialog is available. You can use this tool to monitor active reports. If a report is consuming too many server resources, you can also request that the server try to cancel the report from this screen.

  • When turning on Two Factor Authentication, the generated QR Code now has an issuer defined for apps that require it.

  • The manage reports dialog has new “Updated by” and “Updated on” columns.

  • When creating a new formula, it’s no longer necessary to preview the formula before saving. Instead, a warning is shown if the formula hasn’t been previewed first.

  • Improved performance in the browser when creating formulas in a project with a large data dictionary.

  • You can now include multiple subreports in the header of a report.

  • Added a preview button to dashboard wizard to allow previewing changes before saving.

  • You can now use charts and pivot grids directly in a report with an advanced layout.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from being logged out properly.

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when creating new SQL Passthrough reports.

  • The tour prompt that appears for new users should now only appear once.

  • Fixed a bug with SFTP upload not uploading the output file properly.

  • Fixed an issue with an “is between” filter on a date value not setting the end time to include the last day.

  • A formula with a blank name should no longer cause an error when logging in.