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Horizon Reports has the following features:

  • Horizon Reports is a powerful query and reporting tool designed with the end-user in mind. Design reports in minutes, not hours or days.

  • The simple wizard-based interface leads you step-by-step through the process of creating a report.

  • Descriptive names are used for all fields and tables rather than cryptic “database” names. Descriptive operators such as “equals” and “greater than” appear instead of “=” and “>.”

  • Horizon Reports automatically handles complex joins between tables.

  • When you create a report, you can specify whether other users can access the report or not.

  • The Formula Editor allows you to define your own custom calculations to use in any report.

  • Templates give your reports a common appearance, such as following corporate style guidelines.

  • You can easily create labels, including mailing labels, product labels, or barcode labels, without worrying about field positioning or label dimensions. All common label sizes are built-in.

  • You can drill down from a report to see details.

  • The values button displays a list of all possible values for any field.

  • You can control font, color, alignment, heading, and column width for each field, and easily sort or group on any field.

  • The Advanced Report Designer allows you to lay out the report exactly as you want, including company logos, lines, boxes, etc.

  • You can output to Microsoft Excel, PDF, comma-delimited, or other types of files. You can also email reports or upload them to FTP.

  • Scheduling reports to run at any time you need is simple using the Schedule Wizard.

  • You can import reports so you can use report layouts designed by other users or consultants. You can also export reports so you can share report layouts with other users.

  • Displaying real table and field names may make it easier to locate the table or field you want if you’re familiar with these names.